Sales and Marketing

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We have developed a deep knowledge of brands and markets so we can proactively identify and respond to any opportunities and threats. We conduct ourselves professionally and honestly.

Global Distribution

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Global reach. Local expertise.
Fast execution, competitive for value.
Best-in-class technology and solutions.
Extensive local experience & service.
Resources leveraged globally.

Support and Training

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Our support team are always ready to assist our partners.
Certified to deliver specialist training in correct use and application of our services and products.

Project Management

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Our combined Project Management experience covers years of successful delivery with healthy ROI. Previous international projects include sites in North America, Europe and Africa.

Buckler Projects Inc is a global Sales, Marketing and Distribution company that represents leading brands from some of the world's finest companies. Our uncompromising commitment to supporting our local partners begins with us identifying engineering and technology services & products that fill a need or can help local businesses improve their efficiency or regulatory compliance. We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence with our portfolio and our partners.

Wise Owls at the Helm

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Captained by experienced Managers and Engineers from the Built-Environment industry.
Proven track record in protecting the environment and ecology.

Why Basecrete?

Basecrete applied in building a swimming pool

Basecrete is a strong and flexible waterproofing adhesive bondcoat.
Adheres to most surfaces, resistant to most chemicals and corrosive agents.
Power. Flexibility. Strength.

Help on your Project?

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We are willing to help our partners to better understand their client's needs, proffer meaningful and economic solution to arrive at at win-win for all. We can also be present to ensure that the product or service is properly applied or executed.

Why partner with us?

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Total lifecycle support
Exciting portfolio of brands
Innovation and Excellence
Opportunities for growth